Home made soap!


One of the more popular soaps

The whole point of Backyard Harvest is for me to learn the tools of permaculture and sustainability, and to tell you how I’m doing while I do this.

Well, I want to point out that I’m not in this alone.  My wife is also very interested in do-it-yourself crafting with the idea of learning how it is done.

Wendy is currently into making soap, and is having a great deal of fun doing it.  Making soap isn’t something that interests me, but I am more than happy to support her in this.  And I have to admit, I love the results!

Creating soap!

Creating soap!

So if you’re interested in home made soap, I’ll invite you to look at Wendy’s Facebook page.  Be sure to “Like” the page, and if you see any up-and-coming soaps that you must have, send her a note, and she’ll make sure you get a couple bars.

You can check out Wendy’s Facebook page, which also has a link to her Etsy page, by clicking on her website URL: www.gypsycrafts.com.