February Orange Harvest

So the orange harvest has been going VERY well.

oranges.jpgI’ve been snacking on oranges almost every day since the first of the year.  It is so wonderful to walk out to the tree, grab an orange, and just peel and eat it while sitting on my front porch.  The weather has been cold and crisp, but not freezing, so the oranges are cold and refreshing.

We did have a short freeze, and the tips of the orange tree’s branches have died.  Just like they did last year.  It’s really no problem, since right after harvest is a perfect time to groom the tree – cutting off the shaggy and dead branches that have grown too long.

I harvested about 300 to 350 pounds of oranges this year (not counting those that we ate off the tree).  Last year I tried to dehydrate the oranges, with mixed results.  This year, I decided to plant a “neighborhood harvest”.  By that, I mean I gave away ten and twenty pound bags of oranges to my friends and neighbors.

I also donated over a hundred pounds of oranges to a church food drive.  I donated almost a hundred fifty pounds of oranges to the Fresno food bank.

And my neighborhood harvest has already born fruit – one family gave us a tray of danishes in thanks for the oranges, and another gave us a couple of HUGE jars of artichoke hearts.

How about that?  Plant oranges, harvest artichoke!

tangerine1I also picked my full harvest of honey tangerines.  Those two little trees had it rough last year, but still they gave me some nice, tasty fruit!

Now comes the fun part – the hard work.

I’ve been preparing the garden for new planting.  The fun part is deciding what to plant, and where to plant it.

I’ve been doing some research – and remembering some yummy treats.  I’m thinking that I’m going to add some persimmon trees to my garden!