Personal business – back to work

Well, it’s been fun.  But I need to concentrate on other areas of my life right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was laid off of work in December of last year.  This didn’t panic me, because I had a nice bit of savings and I was really looking forward to spending time pursuing my hobbies, being with family, and just decompressing and brushing up my skills.

But all good things must come to an end.  So I’m starting some freelance work while I start job hunting.

What does this mean to Fresno Backyard Harvest?

As of right now, I’m putting my aquaponics plans on hold.  I may continue to build the electronics portion of my aquaponics system because that’s good practice and it keeps my electronics and firmware skills fresh.  But I won’t be breaking ground on the greenhouse until I am more sure of my income.

I’m also putting off upgrades to the woodshop.  This means no air conditioning!  Which means I’ll not be in there very much this summer.  I’ve still got to put together some bookshelves though, so I’ll probably brave the weather for that.

I’m also starting with a job placement program, and will be creating resumes and a plan to find a new job.  Of course this means much less time for garden upkeep and maintenance.  I expect I’ll run into some crop failures due to this, and am prepared for that.

As I have said, I will be doing some freelance work, and if you need a Tech Writer or electronics engineer with an affinity toward embedded systems, then I ask you check me out at or at my LinkedIn profile.

I’ll still be maintaining the Backyard Harvest, and will still keep you updated.  So keep coming back!

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