Experimental failure…and maybe some success?

So as part of the setup of the South Garden, I tried an experiment of digging the garden out to a depth of almost 3 feet, and sifting all that dirt to remove the Bermuda Grass that infests that area.

Bermuda grass is tough.  It leaves roots that go deep, and it can spring up anew from its roots.  My goal was to remove all of that.  Also, sifting that soil allowed me to get rid of pest grubs that would happily eat my garden.

Somehow, I had this fantasy that I was removing weeds too.

So, here’s the deal.  Sifting through soil won’t remove weeds, or tiny weed seeds.  Maybe hard radiation would get rid of them.

BUT, it did dramatically reduce Bermuda Grass.  I’ve had very little of that.  I do however, have crabgrass.  But that’s much easier to remove.

I hate weeding.  That’s another reason why I’d like to go completely Aquaponics, indoor, with a non-soil substrate.