Spring update

During planting I got the South Garden and the North garden set up for automatic drip watering.  I planted peppers throughout the South and North gardens, then planted onions, potatoes, carrots and spinach on the South Garden porch.

And I continued to train the grape vine across the porch in the South Garden area.

In the top image you can see the beginnings of the potatoes!  They’re off to a great start.

Next are my two half-barrels of onions.  They are also off to a good start.  They don’t seem to be crowded, and they seem to like the conditions.  I hope the barrels work out!

The barrels and the potato bags all sit on planks that are raised from the concrete porch on bricks.  The thought was that I could prevent damage to the painted concrete porch by allowing better airflow under it, and I could prevent overheating to the bags and barrels when the concrete of the porch heats up in the sun.

Following that is my raised bed planter that I’m using for carrots and spinach.  The idea here is to have a continuous harvest of spinach during the summer.  Fresh salads, sandwich filler – yum!

They are all sprouting very well.

I’ve planted the peppers in the South Garden.  Mostly Anaheim peppers, because they are tasty, but I have Cayenne and New Mexico in there too.

I’ve tried to offset them so they all get enough light.  Now it is all about weeding.


In the backyard, I’ve tried planting peppers, squash, beans, melons and zucchini in the raised bed planters.  The idea is that the beans, squash and other climbers are planted against the trellis, and the peppers are planted out on their own.  I have quite a few different peppers here, including Habenero and yellow banana.

And finally, the fruit trees are doing quite well.  I’ve added two Honeydew Tangerine trees in post in the back yard, along with a blueberry bush, and a cherry tree.

The trees in the North Garden are already producing fruit.  You can see the little Nectarines here.  They seem to be really liking life, and I’m going to have to prune them back this fall to keep them from over running the yard.

So far, so good.  But as the weather gets hotter, and the plants start competing with each other, and the bugs discover everything, it is going to get a little more difficult.  Here’s hoping all goes well!