Stumped – The Fishery

Fishery areaI’ve designated the North side of the house as the “Fishery”.  This area is about 35 feet long and about 81/2 feet wide.

This would seem to be perfect for Intermediate Bulk Containers – each IBC is about 4 foot by 4 foot in width.  (Actually 48″ by 40″ I believe)  This should give me plenty of room for 4 containers for fish, plus a “hospital” area and a purge tank.  And maybe a container for shellfish too.

But all of that is for the future.  First things first.  I need to set up the area.

Many houses have that one side of the house that isn’t an accessway, and isn’t really used for anything.  It is an oddly shaped area that is often used as a storage area.  In the case of this house, it had lots of bushes in it.

I spent the day today clearing those bushes.  Most were dead.  But one was thriving.  A Camphor tree.

In some parts of the world, camphor trees are notorious.  They smell strongly of camphor, their leaf litter prevents any other tree from growing.  And they have huge, twisted, spreading root systems.

Camphor stumpI had cut this particular camphor tree to a stump when I moved in, and when I went to clear it out today it had branches an inch and a half in diameter and well over 7 feet tall!  Using a Pick Mattock, shovel, prybar, and electric chainsaw I worked for hours digging up Camphor roots and parts of roots.  By the time I started losing daylight I had over 400 pounds of roots in a pile, and still what I estimate to be another 500 pounds of roots.

After a wine cooler, some Ibuprofen, and a good meal, I am barely feeling it now.

My goal is to pull all the roots out of here, and then install a pad for the fishery.  I was thinking of puting in a paving stone pad, but I worry that the remains of the camphor tree will push its way through.  So right now I’m leaning toward putting in a concrete pad.

Grow tanks go hereOn another note, I finished filling the raised bed gardens with dirt this weekend.  I still have over a 100 cubic feet of dirt in my driveway.  I have plenty of low spots to fill in where I’ve removed dead bushes and left a hole.  Some of the other gardens can use the dirt too.  The remainder will go into the big ditch between my yard and my neighbors.  We can’t figure out why this ditch is there, and we both want it gone.  I’ll also put aside some dirt for possible future use.

Here is an image of my raised bed gardens.  To the right, up against the wall, I’ll be putting my Aquaponic grow beds.  I’m still looking for the optimum growbed.  A foot deep, and about 4 feet by 3 feet in size.  I am planning on using the flood and drain method when I get going.

One bad thing about the raised bed gardens.  I’ve found out that our dogs love digging in them!  This is a serious problem!  So, I’ve been planning on fencing in the other side of the house to turn it into a dog run – this has bumped that task to a priority, and I’ll start that task next weekend. 

Along with more stump digging.


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