Another woodshop update

Well, I finished the south wall of the woodshop.

It also had shelf brackets attached to the wall studs through holes carved out of the stucco.  Which means that I had to fill in the holes before painting the wall.

I already had everything in the middle of the room, and after a week of waiting for stucco to dry, I cleaned then painted the wall.

I’ve forgotten to mention – I use Valspar latex “High Hide” eggshell white paint for my shop walls.  Eggshell is more reflective than flat paint, but not as reflective as gloss paint.  White eggshell paint improves the lighting in the shop, making it brighter than if I were to use flat paint, or some other color.  I figure if I’m working with blades spinning at high speeds, it would be safer to be able to see where everything is!

So I finished painting the south wall, and the wood is on the north wall.  I will be building my miter saw table on the south wall, which will include floor cabinets that I built myself, and cabinets over the top that I’ll buy pre-made.  This should greatly increase my shop storage, and I won’t have to have as much stuff laying out.

I also plan to make a pegboard tool wall on the south side of the shop, near the toolboxes on the east wall.

I need to start planning on electrical sockets throughout the shop, and figure out where to put my swamp cooler in the south wall.  Summer is coming, and Fresno is known for being HOT!  I’d like to be able to work in my shop without melting into a puddle of sweat!

Also, I need to figure out my vacuum system, and look at my next projects.  As you can see from the photos here, I’ve stained one of my “Honey Do” projects – two wooden boxes that will become towel holders in our bathroom.  Since this photo was taken, I’ve mounted the iron work shelf brackets to these boxes.

My next big project for upgrading my woodshop is to tear out the 40-year-old home made cabinets out of the corner of the shop, then paint that corner.  The pegboard on the wall will come down along with the remaining wood that held up the old shelf on the wall on the back of the shop.

I’ll be forced to do some electrical work then too.  Some previous owner brought city power to that wall through standard lamp cord, and wired it to a wall switch that he nailed to the wall.  I’ve turned off that breaker, but even having that wire there gives me the willies!  It makes me fear for the rest of the wiring throughout the shop!

Once I get the last of the walls complete, I’ll be inviting an electrician friend of mine over to help me re-wire the shop.  I hope to pay him in craft beer,

Oh!  The table with drawers you see in the last photo?  I made that to be a project table / outfeed table for my table saw, and storage for tools.