The last of the oranges

I picked the last of the oranges from the tree.  There may be one or two stragglers near the top of the tree that I couldn’t reach with the fruit picker.  I’ll get them later as I do some clean up.

The oranges are mild, and fairly sweet.  They’re good eating.  I plan to dry most of these, but I’ve already snacked on a couple.  I delivered a baker’s dozen of them across my street to my neighbor who also grows food in his yard.  We do that from time to time.

This box is about 50 pounds.  When dried it will be less than 5 pounds.  My entire produce this year fits in a quarter of a 5-gallon food storage bucket!

I do want to add one additional tree to my yard – I’d like a Murcott Orange tree, also known as a Honey Tangerine.  I’ve found several places online that deliver these trees as bare root stock, but not to California.  California has strict rules on mailing citrus plants into the state due to possible pests.  There seems to be a couple of resellers here in California that offer these, but they are expensive – over $50 a tree!

So this year I plan to try sprouting my own.  And the first requirement is good Murcott seeds!  

I’ll let you know how that goes.