Backyard Harvest is moving!

So I’ve put in a bid for a new house, and it was accepted by the seller.  The new place isn’t far from my old house – it’s NEXT DOOR!  Everything is still up in the air at the moment.  I’m getting a VA loan, and the VA needs to appraise the new place.  If it passes appraisal then we will move.

Until then, here’s what I have. I’ve been raising generation 1 Bluegill in my 100 gallon tank. This week I separated out all but eight Bluegill – 5 females and 3 males. I will pull another male during the next water change, and I might pull another female. I don’t know yet. The remainder in my tank will be breeders. The females are showing signs of carrying eggs, and the males are displaying nesting movements.

The younger Bluegills are generation 2. They are yearlings now, and have another year or two to reach full size. They were overcrowding the 20 gallon tank I was raising them in.

Also in generation 2 were two Bluegills that I was raising in my outdoor 45 gallon hospital tank.

Two months ago I finally got the pump I needed for my thousand gallon system, and started recycling the water without any grow beds. I experienced a plankton algae bloom in the thousand gallon system and used an algicide and partial water change to control it. I then dumped the two hospital tank Bluegill into it, along with the rest of the generation 2 Bluegill from the 20 gallon tank.

I took precautions to equalize PH and temperature first, but I still had the two hospital tank fish die, along with about half of my 20 gallon tank fish. They did not die of disease – from what I could see, there was still enough platonic algae to mess them up. I think they died of oxygen deprivation due to platonic algae.

So, I did a 2/3 water change, and have added air stones to the tanks to increase the oxygen to the system. I then moved in the cull Bluegill from the inside 100 gallon aquarium, and the remainder of the generation 2 Bluegill that had survived the algae catastrophe.

I’ve also started filtering water through one 3x3x12 inch grow bed filled with expanded shale. I have no plants in it yet.

I’m carefully monitoring water quality, and will adjust it by doing a 1/3 water (or more) replacement every week. The extra agitation provided by the air stones seems to be keeping the algae in check. The temperature right now varies from 63.5°F in the morning to 68.7°F in the evening. I’ve got plans to increase the temperature in the tanks… but right now the Bluegill only eat in the evening, and they just pick at their food, even the good stuff like worms or mealworms.

I’ll have photos of my upgraded setup this weekend. And I’ll let you know if (WHEN!) I move to a new home.


  1. James’s avatar

    Good luck! If you get the place, that will make your move easier!

  2. calladus’s avatar

    I got the place!

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