Updates to Backyard Crop!

Wow, I completely disappeared for April.  But I have a good excuse…

I got married!

Wendy and I have been dating since May / June of last year, and on Christmas eve I proposed.  We were married April 12 in a private ceremony at South Lake Tahoe.  Then we spent several days there on our honeymoon while sightseeing.  Lots of snow there!

But what about aquaponics?

Okay, getting married isn’t the focus of this blog – so let me tell you what’s happening in the local aquaponics scene…

Since I was otherwise occupied, I set John Young as an administrator for the Fresno Aquaponics Club meetup page.  John has already set up one successful meeting (a fish harvest!) and has scheduled another fish harvest for this Saturday (April 17).  

There is also a pending meetup in progress to tour the Aquaponics Project at the Clovis Surface Water Treatment Plant.  You may recall my earlier entry about this project – well the whole thing is nearing completion and Leon Penney, Director of the City of Clovis Aquaponics project, wants to take us on a tour!

As for my own project, Fresno Backyard Harvest, for various reasons I pretty much completely lost all of February and March, and a good chunk of April too.  I have a couple of days off now, and am using that time to work on another project that isn’t fish related.  But I am also working like crazy to get seeds and plants in the ground for my raised bed garden.  I also picked up a LOT of PVC pipe.  

Pictures are forthcoming.  Also, I’ll have photos from the fish harvest!