Now the fence is done!

Well, my last post about the fence was incorrect.  I still needed to do a couple of things to it.

First, I gave it a clear coating of UV / water protectant.  

Next, on the dog’s side of the fence I installed 14 gauge steel 2x 4 Mesh Welded Wire fencing, which I extended 2.5 feet high and another 1.5 feet in the ground (bent in an “L” shape).  One of the dogs that I have loves to dig under or chew through wooden fences!  But can’t chew through 14 gauge steel.

The gate proved tricky to dog-proof.  I couldn’t just add wire because the dog could still dig under it.  So instead, I attached thin steel flashing to the inside of the gate, covering all the easy-to-access wood with chew-proof metal.  Next, I excavated a place for a walkway through the fence to connect it with the sidewalk in front of the fence.  The sidewalk goes from my back door to my covered patio.  Now it has a paver walkway going through the fence gate, made of 1×1 brick pavers framed by Cedar.  The walkway extends another 2 feet past the gate into the dog side of the yard.  So I doubt this dog will escape – unless she is part mole and can create a long (about 4 feet) tunnel under the fence!

Due to an unexpected expense, I did not pick up the barrels this weekend.  I’ll try again next payday.

I didn’t do much work on Sunday.  I spent the day doing other things.  Not all my life is Aquaponics!